Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Experiences: A Running List

Be on the lookout for these. They are things that I have tried for (loosely speaking, in some cases) the first time this summer. I plan on having many. They will go back as far as the beginning of summer, and will run in relative chronological order, but not strictly.

1. Learned OIA Inductive Bible Study Method as training to be a small group leader with my best friend from college, Misha Sharp.
2. Jumped on a blob.
3. Spent 3 hours in silence.
4. Ziplined into a lake.
5. Talked with other MK's about life as an MK.
6. Made blueberry chocolate chip bran muffins.
7. Picked and found uses for loquats.
8. Sewed a dress from a pattern.
9. Cleaned out my closet.
10. Made refrigerator magnets
11. Watched a long string of chick flicks, including When Harry Met Sally, Sweet Home Alabama, PS I Love you, Notting Hill, Maid in Manhattan, and the like.
12. Drove both to and from Emory's campus in a day.
13. Watched the Princess and the Frog.
14. Got a mole removed without any moral support.
15. Sat next to the same random people on an airplane for both the going and the coming trip.
16. Visited my friends from Boston IN Boston!
17. Tried a black and white cookie, strawberry rhubarb cobbler, and lamb (not together).
18. Saw road rash.
19. Ate an entire jar of baby food (turkey&sweet potatoes).
20. Deactivated from Facebook.
21. Took/am taking daily herbal supplements.
22. Journaled every day.
23. Made garbanzo bean and avocado burgers, naan (assisted) , squash boats, and poppyseed chicken.
24. Cooked a meal for a group of 11 people.
25. Read the universal declaration of human rights.
26. Visited the King Center and the office for the Center for Civil and Human Rights.
27. Wrote a break up song.
28. Discovered a(nother) secret stairway on campus.
29. Took a historic tour of Emory.
30. Met Gary Hauk, VP of Emory.
31. Slept in a Frat House.
32. Put up a hammock.
33. Saw the tiniest praying mantis in the whole world.
34. Carried a five year old child up a long, steep nature trail.
35. Made a sock puppet, snow globe, pinwheel, and playdough.
36. Hid in the same spot 10 times in a row in hide and go seek.
37. Was abducted by children with hula hoops.
38. Conducted interviews with people I admire about what life principles they follow.
39. Played live with my brother's band, Flearoy.
40. Did Yoga from a Youtube video.
41. Debuted as a background vocalist in a song on iTunes for someone not blood-related.
42. Took the NYC subway by myself for an entire journey and seen subway rats.
43. Watched 2 siblings graduate within a month of each other.
44. Listened to the new Fleet Foxes album.
45. Shopped at Costco.
46. Spent over $40 on a concert ticket (Ray Lamontagne, you are worth it.)
47. Memorized a psalm other than 23.
48. Bought something at Last Chance thrift store.
49. Made sweet potato friends, apple chips, and a few trail mix concoctions.
50. Started a blog of my own volition!

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