Sunday, October 9, 2011

Also, more new experiences:

51. Removed a stitch from my own wound.

52. Napped for hours in a hammock.

53. Locked myself out of my fraternity room

54. Blasted nostalgic country music (Shania, Rascal Flatts, etc.) in my car

55. Ate granny smith applesauce: highly recommend.

56. Visited the Oxford Campus of Emory

57. Started a Bible study

58. Took a tour of Georgia Tech’s campus

59. Watched Rocky Horror Picture Show- first, last, and only time.

60. Read 5 books at one time

61. Ate alligator

62. Went to Hahn Woods

63. Ate a hotdog with relish, onions, chili, cheese, and sauerkraut at Emory’s historic Manuel’s Tavern

64. Swam in the Chattooga River, during a thunderstorm

65. Went on a safari

66. Knitted a scarf in 24 hours, start to finish

67. Met my Aunt Dana

68. Ziplined into a lake

69. Got a Bunco

70. Did real occupational therapy work

71. Got stung by a scorpion

72. Had my pants rip right down the middle in the back in public

73. Shopped at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market. WHOAH.

74. Reconnected with the Venezuelan fruit “Guinep” in the good old U S of A

75. Enjoyed an evening at Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Room and purchased books from there

76. Listened to the new albums of: The Fleet Foxes, The Head and The Heart, Josh Garrells

77. Went to a college small group

78. Made fried chicken

79. Went to concerts of: The Weepies, The Head and the Heart, Ray Lamontagne/Brandi Carlyle/Secret Sisters,

80. Missed a family gathering

81. Written a personal letter in another language

82. Learned sign language!

83. Cooked an entire meal by myself, dessert and all

84. Made culturally Jewish food

85. Was covered in Holi powder (Holi capture the flag!)

86. Attended/led a taise service

87. Rode a bike on campus

88. Got wisdom teeth out/used hard pain meds

89. Went to a Georgia Tech football game

90. Went to a braves game (1st time since 4th grade)

91. Performed some of my songs for people at college

92. Was an orientation leader

93. Led a small group

94. Chalked on Asbury Circle

95. Choreographed a dance to a music video J

96. Had laundry stolen from me

97. Ate Ethiopian food and Vietnamese food

98. Learned Greek dancing

99. Functioned on less than 3 hours of sleep

100. Shimmied across a dilapidated iron bridge

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